During an extensive exhibition in the art gallery “Sala Gaspar” in Barcelona, Kappeler decided to establish himself in a flat and studio in this lively city, more precisely in the “ciutat vella”, where people of all kinds of nationalities and cultures live together.With his pictorial work, especially his “space-picture-sculptures” he reacted to post-modern as well as deconstructive movements.
In his constant search for answers during his long lasting tormenting confrontation with death, he created “dark paintings” as well as cycles like “transparencias” and “discrepancias”.

2001 – 2002
Some selected works from the period after 1995 were displayed in his exhibitions in Oldenburg, Breslau and Szczecin, accompanied by his biographic catalogue: “Detlef Kappeler, Transparenzen” (ISBN 3-89598-788-3)

2002 / 2003
Kappeler donated a total of 64 works on the topic “In the search of Carl von Ossietzky” to the “DIZ Emslandlager” (Document and Information Center for National Socialist Crimes) in Papenburg. Carl von Ossietzky was a prisoner in the Emsland camps, a concentration camp near Papenburg, which is planned to become the ground for a new memorial place.

2004 until today
Questions on “being” and the “existential” dominate more and more his work topics, taking him alternately from Butjadingen and Barcelona to the Galicia’s Costa da Morte, creating “new paintings”.

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