Detlef Kappeler –
Dialectic of form and content

The most salient characteristic of Detlef Kappeler's paintings and drawings is their intensity, an intensity that emanates both from the form and the content and which creates a constant interaction between meaning and form. Auf der Suche, one of his series that could be transla ted as „In search of" or „Moving towards", perfectly illustrates the point of contact

Daniel Giralt - Miracle &
Detlef Kappeler
  between the physical energies that are given an intense and vigorous outlet and the vehemence of his ideas.The work of Kappeler, who lives, reasons and deals with reality dialectically,
conveys this idea of drive, impetus and creative energy. Those of us who have not had the opportunity to follow his earlier artistic development and who are now confronted with his work - without colour, full of gestures, rich in material and texturally daring - will wonder what its conceptual base consits of. lt is not difficult for those with knowledge of twentieth century painting fo find abundant references: the figurative intensity could equally have sprung from Goya as from the German expressionists, particularly from Otto Dix and George Grosz; the freedom in the use of colour could come from North American action pain-
ting and, especially, from Pollock and De Kooning. lt is placed at a point between informalism and the new figuration, not too far from the Cobra group, and the command of form and colour shows his admiration for Täpies.
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